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USA Study Visa

The United States of America, a federal constitutional republic is consisting of fifty states and a federal district. The country is situated largely in central North America, and lies between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. It has forty-eight contiguous states; Washington, D.C. being the capital district. At 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million km2) with over 314 million people, The United States is the third-largest by both land area and population.
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UK Study Visa

The United Kingdom is the home of Europe’s largest city and is embedded in the culture, vocabulary and dreams of English speakers worldwide. It is seen as an economic hub for trade between Europe and North America with the United Kingdom benefiting from the situation for centuries. The United Kingdom still has one of the strongest economies in the world today. Its economic strength coupled with the best educational infrastructure makes it one of the ideal destinations for an international student.
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Canada Study Visa

Canada is a large country. The land area of 9,984,670 square kilometers makes it the second biggest country in the world. Canada perhaps is the only country in the world that is rarely in the news for any controversial issues. It is known to be a peace loving and one of the most preferred countries to migrate to. Being a multicultural society Canada allows you to understand each other and does not encourage hatred and violence.
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New-Zealand Study Visa

The Population of New Zealand is around 4 million. Wellington is Capital of New Zealand. Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Napier, Nelson, Tauranga, Rotorua, Wanganui, are some of the major cities of New Zealand. The Per Capita Income of New Zealand is approximately $ 37,749 p.a.(2012-world The service sector is the largest sector in the economy (68.8% of GDP), followed by manufacturing and construction (26.9% of GDP) and the farming/raw materials extraction (4.3% of GDP).
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Australia Study Visa

Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world and the smallest continent. It lies between the Pacific and Indian Ocean, about 3,000 km from the mainland of Asia. It is very far away from Europe and by plane it takes you over 20 hours to get there. Australia is often called Down Under because the whole continent lies south of the equator.
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France Study Visa

France is a country of art, culture, fun and food. People in France are well-developed, Modern and well-educated. They always prefer to live their life in the natural way. Its educational sector is not so large but has occupied an important position in the global education sector. It has covered a wide range of educational programme. You can call France a little ocean of educational programme. It is the basic reason that students of all countriesprefer France for their further studyand enhance their academic and cultural pursuits in France.
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